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Door Access
Door access control and control with audio / video systems

See and hear who is there

Working in a protected area

Most companies and organisations today have secure zones which cannot be accessed by everyone. The same is true on ships. This means that secure areas like the bridge or the engine control room, as well as the casino and specific office spaces, will be fitted with access control systems.

We’ll help you protect the rooms and install door security systems which only allow access to authorised people, e.g. by means of special chip cards or by using individual fingerprints.

In addition, video surveillance systems can be set up in rooms or even in external areas. Regardless of the distance and the location of the cameras, the images will be monitored and recorded centrally or locally, and the data can be transferred to the ship’s own network if required. All the devices on the network are monitored via an appropriately-configured PC.

But whichever systems or installations you go for – you’ll always be secure with Diskowski Marine Electronics AG.