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Audio and video systems

Entertainment and comfort for the guests

Broadcast, IP streaming solutions, satellite TV systems, digital signage, LED walls and more

Guests on large cruise ships are accustomed to having a comprehensive entertainment programme, which also includes a wide range of electronic media. Diskowski Marine Electronics AG equips luxury liners with highly-modern systems which can fulfil even the most eccentric desires of the passengers.

BCC - Headend

The ship’s basic equipment includes satellite TV systems, which make it possible to receive TV channels almost anywhere in the world. Using sophisticated technology, the receiver systems are tracked in such a way that optimal coverage is guaranteed at all times for the TV sets on a ship.

Our company also takes care of forwarding signals within the ship with IP streaming solutions, so that programmes can be transmitted straight into passengers’ cabins. However, the possibilities for transmitting programmes are not limited solely to the public offerings from TV broadcasters. Diskowski Marine Electronics AG sets up complete television studios on luxury liners – including mobile cameras and microphones for mobile times – and even editing suites and video servers. All the conventional standards can be achieved here, such as HD-HDMI, HD-SDI up to 4K. We also put fibre optic networks and wireless transmission channels, customer-specific connector panels and software solutions into place.


Public Areas

No passenger has to miss any shows on the stage because they are fed directly into the TV network, meaning they can be seen on the TV sets in passengers’ cabins. We furnish the ship cabins with TV sets and holders suitable for use on ships.

The public areas on cruise ships, e.g. bars and lounges, are not left out when it comes to audio-visual entertainment. Giant screens (108 inch), split-video walls, LED walls or even projectors and the matching devices, such as Digital Signage Player, can be placed accordingly and optimally installed by request. We also provide mechanical solutions – e.g. recessed deck lifts – for integration, and we’ll develop and construct this for you should nothing suitable be available.

All the projection technology for the theatre and cinemas is also individually designed and installed by Diskowski specialists.