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Ship public address systems

Safety and comfort with proven products

Ship loudspeaker and alarm systems are part of the safety concept on cruise ships and other ships.

Guarantee safety with Bosch Praesensa

We have been using Bosch products for many years to create a pleasant atmosphere for cruise ship passengers while simultaneously guaranteeing their safety in the event of an evacuation. Bosch Praesensa is an IP-based system and uses an intelligent power supply concept with integrated redundancies, making it ideally suited for centralised and decentralised topologies. It is an extremely flexible system as it provides a practically unlimited number of zones and a large number of audio channels with local sources and volume controls.

The system can be easily connected to fire alarm, weather alarm, security alarm and other third-party systems. Praesensa complies with every convention for international trade ships, and is recognised by every important seafaring nation. It is certified in accordance with SOLAS (“Safety of Life at Sea”), the most important safety standard in maritime transport, and offers standard ship alarm sounds. The system currently has “type approval” from DNV-GL, one of the most common classification companies on the market.


Praesensa – IP-based with OMNEO

Praesensa meets the following requirements:

  • Addressable EVAC zones corresponding to the ship’s fire compartments
  • Fire alarm system interface
  • A redundant A-B system configuration ensures that emergency messages will not be missed, even in the event of a partial system failure
  • As it can be used to make announcements in non-emergency situations, an expensive separate communication system is unnecessary
  • Flexible volume control for background music with an appropriate interface for the ship’s entertainment system

Praesensa is a fully-digital, IP-based solution that meets the requirements for ships when it comes to PA systems, vocal alarms and background music. The flexible network topology means the system can be accessed all over the ship. The zones can be freely divided into deck, cabins, engine room and other functional areas.

Ship-specific adaptations

Ships require different system structures.

In order to guarantee safety on cruise ships, two complete systems need to be installed at different locations (“A-B configuration”). Each zone is connected to both systems via two loudspeaker cables. The system consists of application-specific intercom stations (can be custom-built as required) for making announcements and issuing alerts. The system can also be operated via touchscreen-controlled intercom stations with high-performance graphic user interfaces that have been designed to be very simple. Ease of use is paramount. Emergency intercom stations on the bridge, in the ECR (Engine Control Room) or in the control centres complete the system and thus increase on-board safety.

Freely scalable power amplifiers efficiently meet specific performance requirements in the individual zones. Various music sources can be connected to the system inputs and routed into the various public areas and event spaces. Audio signals can be routed from the entertainment system to the Praesensa using the OMNEO interfaces. Having local touch screens in certain areas of the ship (e.g. theatre, spa, gym, etc.) is possible, and will increase the comfort of the guests and crew.

The digital signal processing (DSP) system integrated into the Praesensa amplifiers ensures a comfortable PA system volume regardless of ambient noise, and guarantees extraordinary clarity for announcements and evacuation messages. The amplifiers are extremely efficient.

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