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Media control
Conferencing und Home Solutions

Intuitive operation and comfort

Central control of all media technology

Today, it is impossible to imagine seminar and conference rooms, civic and visitor centres, lecture theatres and private households without modern media technology.

The technologies are becoming more and more complex, and the possible applications seem limitless. But all the systems need to be functional and as easy to operate as possible.

That’s why we provide media control systems that integrate the latest technology and can be operated via an individual control unit.

Intuitively and with a low number of interactions, all the connected systems can be precisely controlled and optimised. The control commands are given via infrared, RS 232 or relay contacts.

But more complex applications, such as control via an EIB bus or connecting to the internet via LAN/WAN, can also be implemented.



Touch panel

The system is operated via a touch panel, i.e. a touch-sensitive screen with graphic interfaces that can be designed according to the customer’s wishes. This can be used to dim a light, lower external blinds and screen or start the projector or Blu-ray player at the touch of a “button”. The system is so easy to operate that even external speakers have no problem controlling the technology.

The possibilities for control units are not limited to the world of multimedia. In principle, any electronic devices with the corresponding networking options can be operated via a control panel:

  • The ventilation and air conditioning in a room
  • The entire lighting situation, and even
  • The radiators in a house
Distance is unimportant as it is possible to control all networked units from one central location.